Andy Ward & Sofia Rubina – Bring That Vibe

This is a project I’ve been meaning to finish ever since the first VBW in ’09.

I made a re-edit of Sister Sledge‘s “We are Family” to play at the event and I also used it as the bed for the photo gallery after the event, a few people expressed their interest. I also played it in the Powerhouse at SPW as I warmed up for Joe Claussell.

I sent the track to Sophia, meaning to get together with her and put some lyrics to the idea. 5 years later, it finally happened !
My good friend DJ Widenski secured a gig to cover the cost of my travel and hotel to Estonia earlier this year (or maybe it was late last year? I can’t remember lol) and I proceeded to write this song with Sophia and recorded the vocals in Dave Storm‘s studio.

Due to the copyright issues I have no intention of using the original backing track and am now looking for my close and trusted producer friends to work their magic on it and deliver a whole new angle on the song that actually sounds a lot faster than it’s gentle 123bm.

Fingers crossed we’ll have something completed in time for her to perform it at the Vocal Booth Weekender in September.

Are you interested in having a crack at a remix ? Get in touch.

I’ve attached a very crude mix down so you can hear the lyrics and get an idea of “That Vibe”.

Enjoy that ?


  1. Love it Andy, great work, its got ‘VB summer tune’ wrote all over it… And the lovely Sofia’s vocals, what more can i say… Just perfect!
    Cant wait to hear the final cut in September, but hey if not, you cant beat a bootleg..!x

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