Picture the scene…
I’m sat at home, early evening on Hallowe’en. The family are out and I’m bored.
“I know what I’ll do.. I’ll do an experiment !”

Sometimes, I amaze myself at how random I can be. Below is a record of the stupidness that ensued, as well as a mix that I did after the experiment ended. I’m yet to hear it…

For the sake of modern day science.. I am conducting an experiment.
At 20:37 hrs I took one large swig of Absynthe. I will take another slug in 15 minutes. Then a further one 15 mins after that. Let’s see how mashed I get.
Is this what my life has come to ?

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Enjoy that ?


  1. The mix points out something I had been telling peeps for a while now: you are quite versatile and prone to the unpredictable. It’s also the only time I’ve wanted to turn off one your mixes on the first track. You’ll delete this. I cherish our strange relationship.


  2. I wouldn’t dream of deleting your comment. I did, however, contemplate deleting the set after I heard a couple of the Absinthe induced mixes towards the end !

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