2 new mixes

Here are two new mixes of mine, currently available for you on line.

After a great night in Padova, Italy on Saturday I start the week in a great mood.  Soul Heaven at BIG Club was a good old fashioned house party.  Great people listening to great songs.  I was able to do exactly what I wanted and enjoyed going thru various styles of track and tempo and have the people with me all the way.  Thank you to all the boys for taking good care of me !

I also had the opportunity to take in a few more of the live sets from the VBW whilst travelling.  I will say again, as I cannot help but share, if you are not subscribed to the podcasts over at www.vocalboothweekender.com then you are really missing out.  There seems to be an issue at the moment with the podcasts downloading, I’d like to think it’s down to demand but it’s probably just me being thick.  Either way, we’re on the case.

Listening to the sets and also a couple of my favourite radio shows (Soul Sundays, Rising, Downtown Soulcast) inspired me to stop being such a lazy bastard and get back on the airwaves myself, so I will be back talking nonsense this week Thursday at 8pm GMT on Pressure.  I also started, and I must add CRACKED the back of that production that was holding me back… more info on that soon.

Here are a couple of mixes of  mine you can check out, seeing as you’re here I would assume you’d like them unless you are just a dick head who likes hacking people, in which case “How’s your mom ?”

The first is a guest mix for the world famous UDM show.  It is their current output and the first hour is from the guys themselves with the final 60 minutes from yours truly.  It has a couple of new tracks on there I have had the chance to check out but I am now ready to start polishing up on all the tunes I have missed out on recently.  Second up is my Saturday night mix from the VBW.  I am posting it here in case you missed it.

Thanks guys, Wardy’s back !!!  Oh, and thanks always for the comments and messages, it feels nice to get feedback and know I’m not talking to myself (but not as nice as touching myself).

Check out the UDM show here

Check out the Vocal Booth Weekender mix here

Enjoy that ?


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