VB Radio 14th May

These two hours flashed by ridiculously fast. Enjoy. Feel free to drop me a message every now and then.. loads of you get the podcast. No fucker reacts, lol.

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VB Radio May 7th

This week’s show is a proper DJ mix. The odd “hello” on the mic every 30 mins and some great deep and vocal cuts.


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VB Radio 30 Apr

After a 3 week break, it’s good to get back to the good stuff.

As an off-the-cuff show, this week I am joined by another guest in the studio, none other than Deadly himself, “Dave Stoneheart”.

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VB Radio 2nd April

Words won’t do the show justice. Just check it out ! You can also watch the full recording, since the FB live video was deleted due to copyright issues.

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VB Radio Show 26 Mar

A Mothering Sunday Special. 3 hours of heat and, if memory serves me right, not a lot of pish on the mic this week.

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VB Radio 19 Mar

Same old same old.. 2 hours of timeless AMAZING music and me chatting shit. Not listened in a while ? Check it out !

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