Andy Ward – Sunday Lockdown VB2018

This set in it’s entirety is available via the VBW Podcast Portal or VBW App.

Whilst the radio show takes a few weeks break I wanted to share a few words at the start of this mix, explaining why it is possibly one of my favourite sets I have ever put together over the last twenty years.

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Mark Ward – My Brother

Two days ago I received tragic news about the passing of my ‘little’ bro, Elma. I wanted to put down a couple of words whilst I enjoy some time offline and thank my friends for all their messages.

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VB2018 – Post Event Review, A Promoter’s Tale

Usually by now, I am sharing a lengthy review of my experience of the Vocal Booth Weekender. Warts and all.

If you want to leave your own thoughts about VB2018 then please do so… who knows, they may make their way into a future revision of the VB story!

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Bonus Mix – September Soul 2018

Here is a very rare ‘studio’ mix for you. If I say so myself, I totally nailed this one as I took to the airwaves on Pressure, filling in for Pugwash. 20 seconds of chat at the beginning & end and then non-stop grooves for two hours where I really enjoyed using lots of loops and pulling tunes out of the digital archives I’ve not played in a long time and one or two new purchases. This one is definitely a keeper!

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VB Radio live from Country Beat 2018

Country Beat is a party that’s been running for some years now, put on by Neil & Tammy Pinnock.

Here’s the recording of the live broadcast from there this weekend. I genuinely haven’t got a clue how it sounds, what I played or anything else surrounding the show. Let’s hope it’s a good one.

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VB Radio 19th Aug

Well, that escalated quickly!  2 hours of music from the vinyl archives that went in a direction I wasn’t planning. Blame the wine.

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