VB Radio 21 Aug ’16

This week I used two cameras, one for above the decks and one for my beautiful face for you to look into my eyes when I talked into the mic.

I had it working perfectly all weekend, then tested one other thing right before going on air and forgot to change it back, meaning that for the first 35 mins or so, anyone watching the live feed couldn’t hear any music or my voice when I changed camera.

Absolute massive knobber !!


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VB Radio 14 Aug. Audio or Video Broadcast

A successful return to the airwaves for 2 hours of sweet vinyl nuggets.

Successful in the fact that I managed to broadcast on Pressure and on Ustream at the same time, so if you like looking at a pair of skinny wrists putting large black discs onto turntables for 2 hours, this show has it all 🙂

Download the podcast in the usual way or view the video embed here.

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VB Radio Show Returns.

I am happy to announce the Vocal Booth Radio Show will return, this Sunday at 16:00hrs on Pressure Radio. If you are even remotely interested, you can take a look at the space I broadcast from with a pretty impressive before and after video blog which is embedded in this post.

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Vocal Booth Beach Sessions Week 8

Week 8 of 9, almost to the end of the sessions from last year’s residency at Thai Beach, Murcia.

Hope to be bumping into one or two of The Family later on in Hyde Park for “Stevie”.

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Vocal Booth Beach Sessions Week 7

I will be taking all of July off from the live radio show, now work has FINALLY begun on my studio refit. I’ll take this opportunity to share the last of my recorded sets from summer 2015.

Week 7 of 9 from last year’s residency at Thai Beach Club. 4 hours of timeless music, the perfect soundtrack to a lazy afternoon.

This session also saw my very good friend Brett Hunter, from Brisbane, take over for about an hour from 25 mins in to record a real groovy, down tempo mix he needed for a demo to take on his world travels with him.

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